Do you know what turns you on? Are you ashamed or scared of it?

I thought I’d sexually matured over the course of a fifteen-year marriage, but in the midst of divorce I discovered I still struggled with masturbation.

At almost forty, I was embarrassed that I was embarrassed to touch myself.

I decided to masturbate once a week for a year, on film, as research into my own experience of sexual shame and repression.

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Praise and Worship

Hilariously Funny

“Masturbation Monday is by turns joyful, erudite, sensual, and hilariously funny. Jupiter confronts her own sexual conditioning, in all its cringe-inducing but deeply important detail. This story made me laugh and cry, out loud, as it resonated with the modern, ever-conflicted, feminist in me.” -Lynsey G, author of Watching Porn: And Other Confessions of an Adult Entertainment Journalist

Daring Exploration

“Masturbation Monday is a funny, passionate and daring exploration of sexual liberation.” -Rachel Kramer Bussel, author of Sex and Cupcakes: A Juicy Collection of Essays

All Fun!

“No shame. All Fun!” -Xela Luz of San Antonio Embracing Sexuality

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Warning: May Cause Orgasm