I’m Jupiter, and Jupiter’s Slut

I’m Jupiter, and Jupiter’s Slut

Writer. Humorist. Accidental Porn Star.

Growing up I was told to “be yourself.” But it was clear by first grade that I wasn’t supposed to touch myself “down there.” I was bad.

Growing up I was told “you can be anything.” But it was clear by fifth grade that I wasn’t really smart, that’s why they put me in “remedial math.” I was stupid.

For the next thirty years, I did everything I could to be good and smart. I put myself in a box, and I fooled everyone…

…even myself at times. I didn’t touch myself, ever. And I buried my academic weaknesses in math under an avalanche of effort in English.

I feared that deep down at my core, my truest self was bad and stupid. I feared that I was a beautiful fruit, with a rotten middle. I feared that if people found about out all of me, they’d be deeply disappointed. Or worse.

I was almost thirty before I faced my math phobia. I was almost forty before I claimed my sexuality. I followed curiosity and joy, taking little playful steps until I was ready to take joyful exhilarating leaps.

This math-phobe became a math teacher, an exceptional one. This terrified, sexually repressed woman eventually became an indie feminist porn producer, creating groundbreaking films. To do this, I had to start telling myself new stories. Now, I share them with you.

My experiences are piss-your-pants funny, full of strength and full of hope for anyone who’s ever feared that deep down they were no good, stupid and unlovable.


No Shame. All Fun!

“Jupiter challenges society’s sexual status quo by using her body as a canvas for play, exploration, body positivity, and sex. This is Jupiter’s Slut. No shame. All Fun!” -Xela Luz of San Antonio Embracing Sexuality

The Joy of Sexuality

“Jupiter’s Slut does the joyful yet deadly serious work of reminding us to truly enjoy the pleasure that’s built into our bodies and our lives. Showing that there’s no reason for judgment or shame in embracing the joy of sexuality in all its beautiful silliness.” -L.G.

I’m not afraid anymore

“Before Jupiter, I wanted sexual freedom but I didn’t think I could ask for what I wanted, and I was scared to hear ‘no.’ I’m not afraid anymore, Jupiter makes it safe to go after what you want.” -I.P.

Masturbation Monday Kicks Shame in the Box