Sex, Money and Dirty Things

Sex, Money and Dirty Things: How to Free Your Financial Life From Guilt Jupiter’s Slut

Stepping into my definition of S.L.U.T. = Shameless. Luminous. Untamed. Truth

I did a lecture on Sunday September 30th 2018 at Cuddlexpo in Chicago. Here’s the description:

Most touch professionals and enthusiasts have overcome some degree of stigma and shame around intimacy. But many of us are still carrying around shame and judgement about money. We will explore questions such as, which issues around money are unique to touch professionals? How do we keep taboos around ‘sex for money’ from tainting our work as touch and intimacy practitioners? And how do we identify and relinquish personal baggage around money that may be holding us back from abundance in our professional lives. Money is no more intrinsically dirty than touch, intimacy or sex. It’s our thoughts and beliefs that make us feel dirty. This workshop focuses on creating clarity, joy and abundance around money. Participants will be guided through three exercises in changing negative thoughts and beliefs to create clarity and abundance in their work as touch practitioners.

If you want to find out more about Cuddlexpo and professional platonic touch. Find them online at https://lisameece.github.io/CuddleXpo/2018/

More Than Sexy at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

Jessica Drake, Jupiter’s S.L.U.T., and Jet Setting Jasmine

More Than Sexy: Conundrums Faced by Feminists in Porn

How do you deal with sexism, when it’s your job to be sexy? How do feminists in porn deal with issues around propagating harmful stereotypes, unhealthy power dynamics, and body image. What do women in porn believe are their most effective tools for empowering themselves and others, and where are they still falling short? Hear personal narratives from different parts of the porn industry as they discuss their experiences of sexism and sexual liberation.

I love talking with smart women – it’s sexy! The title and description for the panel tell you a lot about the discussion we had with the amazing Jessica Drake and Jet Setting Jasmine at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in DC August 2018. Watch the full hour on facebook, it was live streamed. However, you have to scroll in a few minutes for the video to actually start. Enjoy!