Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jupiter and who is Jupiter’s Slut?

When the name Jupiter’s Slut popped out of that wild creative miasma and into my head, I knew it was right. I just didn’t know how right it was.
Jupiter is a planet. Astrologically speaking it represents intellectual and spiritual pursuits. It’s a planet of growth and expansion. It is associated with words like morality, gratitude, hope and honor.
Once upon a time, I was terrified that being sexual made me immoral. Now I’m filled with overwhelming gratitude for the acceptance I’ve learned by investigating my sexuality as Jupiter’s Slut.
That acceptance has spilled into every area of my life. Jupiter is my most expansive self. And Jupiter’s Slut is that part of me that refuses to be shamed.

Why do you identify as a slut?

I was a virgin when I started thinking of myself as a slut. I was so ashamed to enjoy any physical pleasure of a sexual nature, that kissing and making out with a few boys had me dubbing myself The Virgin Slut. Intellectualizing about the impossible irony of being a virgin slut, didn’t alleviate the shame.
I continued to suppress my sexuality into my late thirties.
I began redefining the word slut for myself as I reclaimed my life and sexuality. I’ve come to think S.L.U.T. stands for Shameless Luminous Untamed Truth.
That’s how I try to live my life, by my untamed truth.

Is it okay to call you a slut?

Unless you also identify publicly and positively as a slut, it’s probably not appropriate. Please call me Jupiter’s Slut, or Jupiter.

What do you mean “accidental” porn star?

Well when one falls and lands on a porn set… nah.

Writer. Humorist. Accidental Porn Star.